Tandoori and smoked paprika-coated liver with saffron couscous, fava beans, tandoori-infused honey and a herb oil.

Adapted from the wonderful recipe of Janice Poon, adding fava beans (because liver and fava beans)and substituting risotto for couscous while adding honey for some sweetness to the match the liver and spices.


Veal liver.

fava beans.



chicken stock.







Set liver in cold water for at least half an hour to dissolve any blood and make it easier to see the thin coating around the liver. Remove coating carefully by pulling it off of the liver and cut into portion sized bits, to cook whole, and cut before serving.

(one variation is to soak the liver in milk. This will reduce the liver taste somewhat, rounding it off.)

Heat salted water and peel the fava beans from their pod, leaving the skin on the beans. put beans in boiling water for around 2 minutes, remove a bean after 1 and check consistency by peeeling off the skin and tasting it. you want the beans al dente. remove and rinse in cold water before peeling. set aside.

Heat an equal amount of chicken stock to the amount of couscous you’re making, add a healthy amount of oil to the broth and bring to a boil. Add saffron to the couscous and pour the boiling broth over the couscous, stirring to prevent clumps from forming. put a lid on the container and set aside.

warm honey until liquid and stir in tandoori spices. set aside.

Mix basil leaves, parsley and a neutral oil with an immersion blender until smooth.

Mix tandoori spices with a bit of ground up smoked paprika. coat liver pieces completely.

Heat butter and oil in a pan, add liver and fry on all sides. add a cup or so of water and about a tablespoon of the honey and cook the liver, turning the pieces every so often until they are medium to medium rare. Overcooked liver is the devil.

Set the liver pieces to rest while you melt butter in a pan without letting it brown. separate the beans into two lobes and place into the pan, remove from heat.

Stir a bit of oil into the couscous, season with salt and pepper.

Cut liver and arrange on warm plates.

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