Tao Okamoto confirmed as Chiyoh in Hannibal s3!

mtwalker asked: What was your reaction when you read the script for the season 2 finale?


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Have we got a treat for you, Fannibals! This Saturday before PaleyFest, our cast is gathering to answer YOUR questions here on Tumblr! The twist is they can only answer them in GIFs [happy cannibal noises]!

If you’ve got a question for Mads, Hugh, Caroline, Laurence or Bryan (we know you do) that can only be truly expressed through a GIF, ASK HERE and they may answer it on Saturday (around 6pm ET).

Let the games begin. *maniacal laughter*

Oh dear lord.

"The foyer is the Norman Chapel in Palermo, severe and beautiful and timeless, with a single reminder of mortality in the skull graven in the floor"

Some additional images of the Capella Palatina, bottom image from 1865, detailing the fantastic interior of the church which makes up part of Hannibal Lecters memory palace.

Other than Bryan Fullers tweet, images from Wikimedia commons.

Let’s hope there’s a big kitchen somewhere in that palace too eh?


  Bryan Fuller on female characters in season 3:
   There’s criticism as well as there are accolades. If you’re opening yourself up you have to be open to both of them. It’s interesting to see reactions to certain female characters in the second season. And so going into the third season it’s like, “OK, Bedelia’s gotta be front and centre, we’ve gotta bring Murasaki in and she’s going to be a powerhouse with a lot to do.” And our agenda really was how do we make these characters drive their own stories as opposed to…
    You know, Alana Bloom is not going to be a caregiver. We saw that in the first season and we saw her as a romantic foil… even though Caroline was not complaining about the scenes she had with Mads partially clothed! But I felt like going into this third season our first discussion in the writer’s room was; “We have to make Alana Bloom the most interesting character on the show.” Because she hasn’t been up until this point, and she’s served her role in the story between Hannibal and Will Graham.
    Now going into season 3, we have the opportunity to change everybody as they’ve gone through this experience and take advantage of that. And it’s exciting because I’m excited to see what Caroline does, I’m excited to see what Gillian does, we’re bringing Gina Torres back, I can’t wait to find out who we cast for Murasaki. [x]

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Tattle-Crime’s Interview with the Amazing Janice Poon


I had the pleasure of sitting down yet again with the absolutely fantastic Janice Poon, food stylist on NBC’s Hannibal! She gave me the inside scoop on Season 2, and hints at things to come! Enjoy!

(Carrot top Slaw emerging from a sea urchin shell stabbed with porcupine quills and wreathed with hydrangea stems and spider mums, courtesy Janice Poon)

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