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Tenderloin of roe deer, quickly sauteed and served with sweet pickled chanterelles and lingonberries.

Sweden is brimming with the berries and chanterelles of fall, which go great together with deer and other game meat.

We got some roe deer saddles at work, and after curing the outer filets with salt sugar and rosemary for christmas, we decided to try a quick appetizer with the smaller inner filets.

The lingonberries are tossed quickly with a little bit of sugar, heat them too long and they lose acidity and flavour.

We cut the chanterelles in half and pickled them in a mix of one part distilled vinegar, two parts sugar and three parts water brought to a boil to dissolve the sugar.

The lingonberries are tart and astringent, combined with the sweet and sour of the pickled chanterelles they balance out the sweet notes in the deer.

Served with freshly ground black pepper, chopped parsley, and sea salt flakes.

A quick celebration of the fall bounty, chanterelles on toast.

Totally not grown with people.

*shuffles off*